Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Affiliate Stats Tracker is an automated affiliate marketing tracking software designed to save you many hours per month by automatically fetching all your affiliate stats, and displaying them to you in one easy to use dashboard.

There’s no denying that checking your affiliate marketing stats is a fun part of the affiliate lifestyle. Seeing your daily sales is both rewarding and motivating.

But having to manually log in to each affiliate program that you promote is a total chore. Even with a password manager, it takes time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere.

The problems every successful affiliate has when tracking their stats:

  • Hugely inefficient – Log in to your affiliate program every so often and check your stats, maybe even copying the figures over to a spreadsheet so you can see everything in detail.
  • Manually intensive – It’s not so bad if you only promote a handful of affiliate programs. But the longer you’re in this affiliate business, the more affiliate programs you seem to accumulate. And they all need checking!
  • 100’s of tabs – Aha, the “smart” way, keep all your affiliate programs open in a separate browser tab. Refresh as needed. Easy right? Well, as long as you have plenty of computer memory to spare.
  • Don’t bother – The worst of the lot. Fly blind. Check when you remember, or when you can be bothered. Ugh.

Surely there’s a better way?

Your Automated Assistant

What if you could automatically track your stats on every affiliate program you promote, and all you’d need to do is sit back and watch your sales figures stream in?

There is no need to manually log in and track your stats. Affiliate Stats Tracker does it all for you.

Want to see your stats for today? Yesterday? Last month? Last year? How about a very specific, custom range? You can see all your stats however you need.

We are adding and tracking new affiliate programs all the time. Don’t see the program that you promote in our list? Just let us know and we will add it for you.

Secure By Default

Wait a minute. In order to track all your affiliate stats, surely you need to provide your username and password information, right?

How do we make sure all your most important information stays secure?


Your username and password information remains entirely on your computer. Login information is stored in an encrypted form on your own hard drive.

We never have access to your login information. Ever.

Before Affiliate Stats Tracker tracks your statistics, the software will connect to our servers in order to check your are an authorised user. No information except your Affiliate Stats Tracker credentials are ever sent to our servers.

You can absolutely verify this yourself by using a network monitor which analyses all your network activity.

Automated Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Affiliate Stats Tracker was created by affiliates, for affiliates.

Tracking your clicks, sales, and rebills is a hugely enjoyable part of the affiliate marketing business.

It doesn’t need to be a chore.

Free up your time. Get your computer to do the work for you. And use those extra minutes each day to do something you love.

Worker smarter. Not harder.

Get Affiliate Stats Tracker now!