Tracking Your First Affiliate Program

You’ve downloaded and installed Affiliate Stats Tracker, and you have registered your user account.

Now it’s time to start tracking your first affiliate program.

Click on the big green “Add Your First Affiliate Program” button.

You will be prompted to choose your Affiliate Program from the drop down list.

Depending on which affiliate program you select here, depends on what fields you will need to fill in.

Each affiliate program is unique. Most require a username and password, some expect an extra affiliate ID, and others an API token or similar.

We’re going to choose Amazon for this demonstration.

Unless otherwise stated, each field is required. The “Save” button will only become clickable once all the required fields are completed.

In this case, Description is optional. All other fields are required.

  • Description: This field is useful if you have multiple affiliate accounts at the same affiliate program. For example, if you had two Amazon Associates accounts, you may wish to set the Description field to Amazon my-associate-id-1, and add another affiliate account with the Description of Amazon another-associate-id-2 or similiar.
    If left as default (in this case, just the text Amazon, then the description will not show on the main stats page.
  • Username: This is the username you currently use to log in to your chosen affiliate program.
  • Password: This is the password you currently use to log in to your chosen affiliate program.
  • Start Tracking Stats From: Use this field to select the date you joined the chosen affiliate program. This can be a rough guess. This stops Affiliate Stats Tracker from going back to the beginning of time, potentially wasting time checking many years where you affiliate account didn’t even exist.
  • Tracking Currency: Some programs allow you to choose which currency in which you accrue sales. If this is an option, you can tell Affiliate Stats Tracker which currency you are using with this field.

Once complete, click the big green “Save” button.

Affiliate Stats Tracker will now validate your credentials by logging in to the chosen affiliate program.

If your log in details are successfully validated, you will be redirected to Edit page for your newly added program.

If your log in details are invalid, you will see an error message under the appropriate field, helping you fix the issue before moving on.

Changing any details on this screen will require re-validating your credentials before the change is saved.

You can now click the “Home” text at the top of this screen to be taken back to the statistics overview page.

When the next statistics update cycle is triggered, Affiliate Stats Tracker will now start tracking your newly added affiliate program. If you are at all curious, you can learn more about how this works by clicking here.