Affiliate Stats Tracker Release Notes

New Release – v1.10.0

Today’s release is v1.10.0 of Affiliate Stats Tracker.

This version contains the following new features and bug fixes:


  • Adds back off functionality.
    • Some affiliate programs (mainly Amazon it would appear) infrequently, and inexplicably stop automated log ins to their website. Whilst I haven’t yet figured out why this happens, I have put in a facility to stop retrying log in every minute.
    • Back off is currently set to 1, 5, 15, and 60 minutes. On the first failed log in, retry will take place the next minute. If that fails, the next log in attempt happens after 5 minutes. Then 15 minutes, and if that one fails also, hold off retrying for 60 minutes.


  • Fixed issue when adding Amazon (any other Amazon Associate program than US or UK) where validating your credentials would always fail.
  • Stat checking automatically happens now when you first open Affiliate Stats Tracker.
    • I’m not sure if this was technically a bug or not 😃

You can download the latest release here.

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