Affiliate Stats Tracker Release Notes

New Release – v1.11.0

Today’s release is v1.11.0 of Affiliate Stats Tracker.

I am thinking of moving away from semantic versioning (as in v{major}.{minor}.{fix}) to dated versions. This would have no impact on you, but is something that may happen in the near future.

The reasoning for considering the above change is that various affiliate programs make really minor changes that have no direct impact on Affiliate Stats Tracker, but would still constitute a minor release, and that feels wrong.

This version contains the following new features and bug fixes:


  • You now manually selected a date from when to start checking your affiliate stats
    • Previously Affiliate Stats Tracker would take a “best guess” as to when to start tracking stats from.
      This was frequently wrong, so now the decision is up to you.
      When adding a new affiliate program, you can select the date from which to start checking stats from. No more guessing!
  • Updated Chrome version
    • In order to comply with Google Adsense sign in requirements, Chrome has been updated to r782078


  • “Save” is only enabled when the “add new affiliate program” form is valid
    • Previously the Save button would become clickable too early, and would seemingly do nothing when clicked. This has now been fixed.

Several more new features and fixes are in progress, but that’s all I have had time for today.

You can download the latest release here.

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