Affiliate Stats Tracker Release Notes

New Release v1.13.0

Today’s release is v1.13.0 of Affiliate Stats Tracker.

This version contains the following new features and bug fixes:


  • When there are multiple days for which to check affiliate stats, the stat checking spinner will now also tell you how many days remain to be checked.

    This makes most sense in two scenarios.

    – You have just added a brand new affiliate program to your list;
    – You haven’t used Affiliate Stats Tracker in a few days (maybe you’ve been on holiday / vacation) and there are several days worth of unchecked stats to find.
  • Added some logging to “phone home” whenever a particular affiliate program fails to check stats correctly.
    • This only reports the failed program – your credentials are never sent.
    • This only happens if the program fails to check multiple times.
    • This is in place to – hopefully – allow me to fix problems / get a new release out proactively, rather than re-actively.
    • This logging is still in early stages so likely won’t be super robust, just yet.
  • Added a huge bunch of additional currency options, mainly to keep Amazon happy. So many payout options…

During development it seemed like there were more new features than this, but as I’ve come to write these release notes, I realise most of everything else was technically a bug fix. 🤭

Bug Fixes:

  • A number of issues were addressed on the affiliate program “Breakdown” page.
    • All dates now display by default.
      Previously dates were only added to the Breakdown page as they were checked. Now every date is added, and uses dashes to signify the stats are not yet checked.
    • Fixed up a bunch of NaN issues
      In some circumstances, having sales but no tracked hits could result in the display of a NaN (Not a Number) value for certain columns. This could be possible if the affiliate program tracked rebills as sales, which, it turns out, some do.
  • On the main overview page, the stats display was not “ticking over” at midnight. Therefore if you set the display to “Today”, then after midnight, unless you clicked something that forced a refresh, the display would actually be showing Yesterday’s stats.
    • This is now fixed and will update at midnight as expected
    • I have made a note to add an extra notification, or marker somewhere, to indicate what date you are viewing, if you are not viewing Today’s stats. This will be added in a future release.
  • Fixed a major mistake whereby the new Currency change would have broken existing affiliate programs already added.
  • On the main overview page, the currency symbol will only display if you have affiliate programs that track in different currencies.
    • Previously the currency symbol would always display.

Versioning Changes

In v1.11.0 release notes I mentioned I was thinking of changing the version number system. That change is still on the cards. However, I am now going to use a combination system, whereby larger releases (such as this one) retain the major.minor.patch versioning system, and releases that fix only affiliate program issues will be dated.

Examples might be:

  • 1.13.0 being today’s release. This is a big change, not just including program changes.
  • (not a real release), would mean I have done two patch / bug fixes, but also on the 15th August 2020, there was some smaller program changes.

I’ve not started using this system just yet, but it feels like it would make sense to me.

What’s Next?

The biggest issue to address at present is the “code signing” certificate for both Windows and Mac (OSX).

This is causing a nasty warning message to display when downloading / attempting to install Affiliate Stats Tracker.

In order to solve this, I need a special certificate from both Microsoft and Apple. This process is taking time as I am being made to jump through a bunch of hoops to prove I am whoever I say I am. And if I wasn’t, why would I say I am?

Fun times.

As always, you can download the latest release here.

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