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New Release v1.14.5

Today’s release is v1.14.5 of Affiliate Stats Tracker.

Although listed as a patch release, this is a fairly important patch.

User Interface Freezing Fix

During wider testing, it was discovered (thanks for reporting!) that if you have thousands of stats for a given affiliate program, the app would appear to lock up when initially checking for stats.

An example of this may be adding a new Amazon Associates affiliate account, setting the first date to check stats from as 1st January 2000, and then either manually triggering a stat check, or waiting for the next scheduled stat check.

At this point, because ~7300 stats would need checking, the whole app appeared to freeze up 🐧🐧🐧. Bad times. This, I must confess, is because I have always tested with a far more limited date range. My mistake!

Whilst not yet perfect, the UI no longer locks up / freezes whilst the stat check process takes place. Instead, the work begins in the background and keeps the UI responsive.

There are definitely still improvements to be made here. However, the initial work to remedy the major problem is done.

Bug Fixes:

Other bug fixes in this release are:

  • Fixed a problem with net income displaying strangely when there were zero clicks but one or more rebills recorded on the day.
    • This still displays as infinity but now without the currency symbol.
  • Fixed an issue where initial stat checking could result in duplicated dates being checked pointlessly.

As always, you can download the latest release here.

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