Affiliate Stats Tracker Release Notes

New Release v1.17.2

Today’s release is v1.17.2 of Affiliate Stats Tracker.

This release fixes a rather horrible bug in the stat checking process.

In v1.16.0, a feature was added whereby stat checking could be cancelled for any given program, whilst that stat check was in progress.

A number of small changes were made to that process behind the scenes for the v1.17.0 release, which inadvertently caused a never ending loop after the first stat check had taken place.

In other words, without restarting Affiliate Stats Tracker, the only time you could ever collect your stats was on the first check. After that, although things seemed to happen, the internal messaging to start a new stats check was never properly sent and received, so stats never updated.

A massive bug. Sorry about that.

Anyway, it’s fixed now.

As always, you can download the latest release here. Also you should be prompted to update when next opening Affiliate Stats Tracker.

Onwards, and upwards.

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