Affiliate Stats Tracker Release Notes

New Release v1.17.1

Today’s release is v1.17.1 of Affiliate Stats Tracker.

This release ended up taking longer, and being much bigger than originally intended.

New Features:

There are two big new features of Affiliate Stats Tracker v1.17.1.

These are:

  • New Sale Notifications – This was highlighted as the next pending feature when I released v1.16.0 a month ago;
  • Minimise to tray

New Sale Notifications

The tl;dr; version of this is that every 15 minutes, if you have made (or lost) money, you will receive a little pop up telling you how much you made (or lost).

As Affiliate Stats Tracker tracks stats from programs that pay out in multiple currencies, the new sale notifications are broken down by currency.

Also, the notifications are grouped. So if you have made three sales from Amazon in the last 15 minutes, but also had a refund in there, the notification will only show one entry which contains the total income after adding up all the affiliate sales commissions, and deducting the refund.

Pending New Sale Notifications Page

A smaller addition, and one that helped during development, is the inclusion of an options page to preview any forthcoming new sale notifications before they have been displayed.

This will, in time, become a more fleshed out options page for managing your new sale notifications. For the moment, I have left it in as it’s not harming anyone by being there. How useful it will be to you right now… I can’t say!

Minimise To Tray

Depending on your operating system of choice (Affiliate Stats Tracker works on Windows, Mac, and Linux) the annoyance of keeping the application open at all times may have been larger or smaller.

Now, when minimising Affiliate Stats Tracker, the app drops into your tray, rather than it living on the “start menu” (or your OS equivalent).

Here’s an example of how this looks on Ubuntu Linux (yes, I know I am a nerd) – AST is the first icon

This makes more sense as Affiliate Stats Tracker is a long running application, but you may not need it actively focused all day long.

It’s not there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t. Stat collection still happens just the same.


The seemingly never ending task of adding tooltips to existing parts of the application continued in this release. Tooltips have now been added to various icons that only display sometimes, such as the pause icon, and the meaning of things inside the stats navigator bar.

Layout of Affiliate Stats Overview Page

The stats navigator bar (the thing with Today, Yesterday, Last Month, etc) has been moved to the very bottom of the screen.

The “add affiliate program” button now lives on the left underneath your stats.

Bug Fixes:

It wasn’t just new features in v1.17.1.

There have been several bug fixes.

Pending Stats Check No Longer Wipes Out Today

Probably the bug that annoyed me most of all during this release. When a new stats check was requested, the current days stats were being reset to zero.

This wasn’t such a problem – after all, the immediate next step was to fetch the new days stats. However, if the stats check failed for any reason, the existing stats would be lost (until the next successful update).

Existing stats are now left alone, and only set to zero if this is the first stats check for that program for a given day. And life is once again good.

Cancel In Progress Checks On Delete

This involved a fairly significant change and is in large part responsible for this release taking longer than planned.

In the off-chance that a stats check was in progress whilst you were also deleting the same program, the stats would continue to check after the program was deleted. This caused several unusual problems.

The deletion of a program now cancels any stats checking which mitigates this problem entirely.

Negative Currency Amounts

If you were in the unfortunate position of losing more money than you had made with a given affiliate program, the balance displayed might have been something like $-14.99, rather than the correct -$14.99.

This has now been fixed across the entire application.

Still, it sucks to lose money, however it’s displayed.

In Progress Stats Checking Affiliate Program Display Name

Good grief. The title of this one is longer than the actual problem.

Previously if an affiliate program was checking for stats, the spinner display might push the affiliate program name on to a new line. This no longer happens. The program name should now always display in the same place, and correctly.

Restoring Text Update

When restoring a backup the button text for the “restore” button now more helpfully changes to display “Restoring” whilst your backup file is … ahem, restoring. It’s a small change, but it makes things feel nicer.

Add Affiliate Program Remembering Previously Edited Program

When editing an existing affiliate program, then visiting the Add Affiliate Program page, the drop down would already be set to the same program you were previously editing.

After editing a program, the selected program is now correctly cleared, fixing this issue.

Deleting Old Data

Previously when removing an affiliate program, any custom options you had configured would be left around – forever – inside the application. This issue has now been resolved. This would have been a tiny amount of data, however keeping it was entirely needless.

Breadcrumb Display

When editing an existing affiliate program, or viewing the affiliate program breakdown, it was possible that the program name would be empty in the Breadcrumbs. Whoops! This has now been fixed.

Sort By Affiliate Program Name

The affiliate program income table is now sorted alphabetically by program name, rather than by order in which the programs were added.

Affiliate Program Updates:

Google Adsense should no longer display empty values if a given day has no recorded clicks. The minimum value should now always be zero.

Documentation Updates:

Thank You

Thanks to all of you who currently use Affiliate Stats Tracker, testers, and problem reporters. Your feedback is always welcome and highly appreciated.

What’s Next?

Hopefully the next release will come sooner than ~2 months. Ideally every 2 to 4 weeks at a maximum.

I’m not anticipating adding any major new features in the short term.

I will be addressing some known issues with fetching stats from existing programs.

As always I will be adding, or attempting to add new programs as they are suggested (and I get my credentials sorted).

Primarily I will be working on what happens when statistics checking fails for a given program. Sometimes programs are unavailable, sometimes their sites change designs which breaks things, and other times your password may expire. All of these things should be better surfaced and explained (somehow) to you. How this will work, I am yet unclear, but that will be what I work on next.