Affiliate Stats Tracker Release Notes

New Release v1.16.0

Today’s release is v1.16.0 of Affiliate Stats Tracker. And it’s a big one.

This release contains many new features, bug fixes, and one newly added affiliate programs.

New Features:

The biggest addition to Affiliate Stats Tracker v1.16.0 is the inclusion of Backup and Restore functionality. This was highlighted as one of two forthcoming features when I released v1.15.0 almost a month ago. How time flies.

Backup & Restore

Whether you want to keep a copy of all your existing affiliate programs and tracked statistics, or you are upgrading your computer and want to migrate your Affiliate Stats Tracker installation, Backup & Restore will make things nice and easy.

Originally I wasn’t sure whether to keep the backups in plain text, which would mean stripping out the username / passwords when creating the backup files. This would make the files themselves fairly useful, and if compromised in any way, would mean that your affiliate program username / passwords would be completely safe – as they weren’t stored in the backup.

The drawback to this approach was in when restoring any of your backups, you would need to go back through each program and add the username / password for each.

However, after discussion with several users, the choice was made to create an encrypted backup which does contain your username / passwords.

All backup files are now encrypted on creation. You do not need to think about this – it just happens. When creating the backup file, you are asked for a password. This password can either be the password you have used to log in to Affiliate Stats Tracker, or a custom one you use only for this backup. That choice is yours.

You will need the password when restoring your backup. And that password needs to be the exact same one you used when creating your backup. Without this password there is no way to restore your backup.

More detailed instructions on how to use Backup & Restore have been added to the help documentation.

Erase Your Credentials / Stats / Everything

Should you wish too, or need to delete all your saved affiliate program statistics, or all your tracked affiliate program credentials, or everything in one go, then the new Erase Your Data menu is now available for use.

This was an “internal” feature created to help test the backup and restore facility above. However, I figured it might be useful to you for any number of reasons, so have made it generally available from the new Admin Menu.

More detailed instructions on how to use the Erase Your Data options have been added to the help documentation.

Admin Menu

In order to access the “Backup & Restore” page, and the “Erase Your Data” page, a newly created Admin page has been added.

To access the Admin page, click “View” on the top menu bar, and then click “Admin”.

Cancel Stat Checking

This is part feature / part bug fix.

You can now click the “spinner” (the circle next to the 502 remaining… text) to cancel this stat checking process.

This is part feature because this facility was not previously available.

However, it is also part bug fix as the underlying command to cancel active affiliate program statistic checking was required to fix a bug whereby statistics checking was not cancelled if deleting a program whilst the program’s stats were being checked.

Wew. Quite a mouthful.

Show / Hide Password Field

When presented with a password field, you will now be given the option to toggle the visiblity of the entered password.

At any time you may click the “eye” icon to toggle between showing the password in clear text, and masking the password with dots.

Note that this does not impact the security of your saved password in any way, shape or form.

Your affiliate program passwords are stored securely in your operating systems key store, and never directly inside Affiliate Stats Tracker.

This change is in place wherever password fields are used.

This was primarily added to ensure you are entering the password you expect when creating or restoring a backup file.

Standardised Look & Feel

As new pages, features, and options have been added to Affiliate Stats Tracker, some design differences had slipped in.

For example, adding and editing affiliate program credentials did not have a white background to their forms, whereas updating options for an affiliate program did have a white background.

All menus, pages, and options now follow the same pattern.

This is a “breadcrumbs” menu at the top of a page, then all forms enclosed in a white background.

🤓 Technical 🤓 – Switched from Puppeteer to Playwright

Nerd alert: the following is a technical change that will only be interesting to hardcore computer geeks, like me.

Under the hood, Affiliate Stats Tracker now makes use of Microsoft’s Playwright browser automation framework. Previously I was using Google’s Puppeteer.

The reasoning for this change is that Playwright offers more than just Chromium – also supported are Webkit (Safari), and Firefox. At the moment, Affiliate Stats Tracker is only making use of Chromium as before.

However, Playwright also offers some additional features which make the process of scraping stats from affiliate programs significantly more streamlined. Therefore from a developer perspective, this change has had noticeable benefits to my quality of life. Happy to share more about this change if you are at all interested. Just leave a comment 🙂 Always happy to chat tech.

Bug Fixes:

It wasn’t all new features in v1.16.0.

We also have several bug fixes.

Affiliate Programs sorted by Program Name

A small change here. When adding a new affiliate program, the drop down list is now sorted alphabetically (aka, correctly) by program name.

As more and more affiliate programs are added – and I always encourage and welcome suggestions as to which to add next – the use of a drop down seems to be getting more and more cumbersome.

There may be a change to this in the medium term future. But for now, at least the list of available affiliate programs is logically sorted.

Adding Program Start Date Validity

It is now no longer possible to add a new affiliate program without setting the earliest date for when to check stats.

Outstanding Items Spinner / Text

A couple of strange bugs have been addressed with the spinner and associated text next to a program name when stats checking is in progress.

Mostly these are around display, or lack of display, when interesting things were happening.

I am aware of a couple more smaller issues here that are to be addressed as my next priority.

Delete Program Confirmation

Deleting an affiliate program previously happened immediately after clicking the “Delete” button.

There is now a prompt to confirm you really wish to do this.

This raises UX questions about the location of the Delete button. One for me to think about further.

New Affiliate Programs:

  • Adult Force (Adult)

It seems adult affiliate programs are the only ones being requested at the moment.

I’m always open to new program requests, so keep sending them in.

What’s Next?

After finishing Backup & Restore there is still one outstanding “big” feature that I am working on – Notifications on new sales.

There are several smaller bug fixes that need addressing. The bugs may be addressed before the next bigger release.

As always, you can download the latest release here.

Affiliate Stats Tracker

New Release v1.15.0

Today’s release is v1.15.0 of Affiliate Stats Tracker.

This release contains new features, bug fixes, and some added affiliate programs.

New Features:

  • Counter animations
    This is a visual change to the way numbers are displayed. As your statistics are fetched, or you change time periods or views, the numbers displayed will now animate between the old value and the new value. Very snazzy.
  • Adding an affiliate program – improved search
    As more and more affiliate programs are added to Affiliate Stats Tracker, the initial selection list when adding a new program is becoming larger and larger. I think an even better solution to this problem needs to be found, but for now, the drop down box now acts as a search field. You can therefore start typing to find your program, rather than having to scroll through the list.
  • Informational Fields and Tooltips added
    Initial feedback has been that some data fields and columns may not be immediately obvious. Some tooltips have been added to give more information when hovering over columns and fields. More will be added, but specifically the ones I have been asked about have been directly addressed.
  • Affiliate Program Breakdown Display
    When viewing an affiliate program breakdown with years of statistical history, the default view of showing every individual day was clunky. Now, depending on how many days of historical statistics you have will depend on which view you see. If over two years, you see year view. If over one year, you see month view. If over 100 days, you see week view. Or, you see the day view. The ability to change between views is still there, this only impacts initial view.

Bug Fixes:

  • Last program update time
    This now always displays the last time the stats were checked, rather than the time the stat check was initiated at. What does this mean? It means if you have just added a new affiliate program and there are hundreds or thousands of statistics to collect, the Last Updated timer won’t show the time when the initial request to collect all the stats was made, but rather the time of the last successfully retrieved statistic.
  • Stat request in progress spinner
    If you had thousands of stats downloading (e.g. on initially adding a new affiliate program), the display could be a little… meh. This has now been fixed, so everything displays nicely in one line.

New Affiliate Programs:

  • Dream Cash (Adult)
  • Sapphix (Adult)

This release also contains bug fixes for most Amazon Associates stats collection.

What’s Next?

The current features I am working on are:

  • Backup and restore – been requested multiple times, so will look to get this added. This will not backup your passwords for security reasons, but will back up everything else.
  • Notifications on new sales – that’s the best part of being an affiliate, isn’t it? Making fat stacks of passive (yeah, right) moolah. Well, it would be nice to get a notification when new sales are made.

As always, you can download the latest release here.